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The following curriculum of courses have been determined by WMDO experts to help you to reach your career objectives according to the position you have selected and are divided into sections which will allow you to follow the proposed training in an efficient and structured manner.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you complete each section before moving along to the next.

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Clinical Research Associate

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Step 1

Course Title Click on a title to view course descriptionStatusDurationBasicPremiumPurchase
History of Good Clinical Practice (GCP)Recommended15 minsFREEFREE
Introduction to Good Clinical PracticeRecommended45 mins€ 109.00€ 82.00
Introduction to Medical Device and Clinical Investigation PlanningRecommended45 mins€ 161.00€ 121.00
The Clinical Investigation PlanRecommended45 mins€ 161.00€ 121.00
The Informed Consent ProcessRecommended45 mins€ 161.00€ 121.00
Ethics Committee(EC) / Institutional Review Board RequirementsRecommended40 mins€ 143.00€ 108.00
Selecting Investigation SitesRecommended45 mins€ 161.00€ 121.00
Initiation VisitRecommended45 mins€ 161.00€ 121.00
The Periodic Monitoring VisitRecommended120 mins€ 429.00€ 322.00
Adverse Event ProcessesRecommended77 mins€ 275.00€ 207.00
Device AccountabilityRecommended20 mins€ 72.00€ 54.00
Deviations and Non-Compliance HandlingRecommended15 mins€ 54.00€ 41.00
Source Document VerificationRecommended30 mins€ 108.00€ 81.00
The Case Report Form ProcessRecommended45 mins€ 161.00€ 121.00
Visit Report WritingRecommended15 mins€ 54.00€ 41.00
The Close Down VisitRecommended30 mins€ 108.00€ 81.00
Overview of Data Management Plan and Query ProcessRecommended25 mins€ 81.00€ 61.00
Good Documentation Practices for Clinical Study FilesRecommended45 mins€ 161.00€ 121.00

Step 3

Course Title Click on a title to view course descriptionStatusDurationBasicPremiumPurchase