SFB Profile

Jean-Pierre Boutrand

Senior Faculty Board


After joining Biomatech/Namsa in 1996, Dr. Jean-Pierre Boutrand has served as a Study Director, Department Head and Pathologist, Director of Operations. He currently serves as General Manager and Scientific Director for Biomatech/Namsa.

Prior to joining Biomatech/Namsa he was involved in research and teaching functions in the academy. Dr. Boutrand received his DVM from the National Veterinary University of Lyon, France in 1993 and a certificate in Toxicology Pathology in 2000. He also received degrees in the study of Biomaterials and Medical Device Regulations in Europe from the University of Paris in 1998. His role includes the supervision of a contract research organization specializing in pre-clinical and clinical evaluation of safety, performance and efficacy of medical devices, combination products and biotechnologies.

Dr. Boutrand has been involved in more than 60 public presentations or publications on topics related to medical device pre-clinical or clinical evaluation. He is also registered as an expert on biological safety of medical device for a national health agency.

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