SME Profile

Yacine Gérard

In 2006 Yacine Gérard had the opportunity to join Medistri, the Swiss EtO sterilization leader, in its early stages of development. After having designed the Quality Management System, he moved on to validation processes to become a valuable validation manager, involved in more than 50 validation process, including validation review and re-qualification. In addition, he was responsible for the release of the routine loads in partnership with Medistri’s customers.

As a consultant and specialist on sterilization, Yacine was also involved in the development and management of two projects related to sterilization and quality, respectively in Neuchatel and Bischofszell (TG).

He earned a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Management of Technologies from the EPFL in Lausanne.

Yacine currently manages the quality-validation department of Medistri.