SME Profile

Gilles Farron

Mr Farron is a biologist (parasitology – microbiology) specializing in the field of medical devices and pharmaceutics. His thesis focused on biotransformation (in vivo and in vitro models) and the toxicity of heavy metals, toxic wastes, polluants (organics, inorganics,etc.) and long-term effects on animals and humans demonstrating a special interest in biological reactivity. Mr Farron brings over 10 years of professional experience in test design, coordination and creative solution in the field of industrial problematics.

As Laboratory Manager at Medistri SA for the past 3 years, Mr Farron provides extensive expertise in the control of medical devices from raw materials to the final product : material toxicology, environments of manufacturing (controlled environments, microbial investigations/characterisation, process control), cleaning validation and efficiency control, packaging validation, sterilization validation and related tests (endotoxins, bioburden, sterility), biocompatibility testing (final product or material, interpretation).