SME Profile

Wenell Management AB

Wenell Management AB was founded in Sweden 1967 and is one of the world’s leading consultant companies in project management. Our vision is to be an independent, unrivaled center of excellence in project application. We achieve this by collecting, further developing and spreading project expertise in many different forms.

We are proud to have over 500 companies as customers today. Many of our customers have entrusted us with developing the project skills of their employees - but more and more of them call us their project partner, regularly using our consultants to support and refine their project activities.

Since the start, we have strived to be a hub in the development of the project format. In recent years, this role has been enhanced, and today we maintain a regular dialog with a giant network of expertise, including many of the world’s leading researchers in the project field.

We work with many prominent companies in the business sector, which has led us to develop a wide range of practical applications of the project format. Our network also includes many skilled project managers and other partners that constantly provide new thoughts and perspectives. Our core business is to develop our customers’ “projectivity” - their ability to use the project format to achieve their goals. Our assignments often involve reviewing our customers’ overall project activities and implementing a tailored development program.

We make our customers’ projects a success!